The home of VESTA®

Company Overview

At Airbus DS Communications, the home of VESTA, what is critical to our customers matters to us. Our goal is to see it through our customers' eyes every day.

For almost five decades, Airbus DS Communications has been serving the communications needs of our valued communities - public and private sector organizations that include state and local Public Safety agencies, corporate entities and the Federal government.

Our first telephone dispatch product was released in 1968, and our 9-1-1 computer telephony integration (CTI) application launched in 1995. Since then, we have added leading emergency notification technologies and P25 radio systems to our impressive VESTA® solutions portfolio.

While our size and scope have changed dramatically over the years, our relentless commitment to helping our customers save lives and protect property has not.

Our Promise to Our Customers

At Airbus DS Communications, the home of VESTA, we are guided by one principle: CRITICAL MATTERS®. This means, what is critical to you matters to us.

As a result of this passion for your needs, we make three important promises that stand for who we are, what we value and what we do every day.

We do not take lightly the confidence our customers place in us, our solutions and our services. Our goal is to ensure everyone we serve - from our Calltakers and first responders to our business continuity and disaster recovery professionals to our military officers - have powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-use tools to keep their communities safe and sound.

A Few Facts about Us

In serving our Public Safety customers:

In serving our Corporate customers:

In serving our Federal customers: